We are the Champions

If someone ask you, Do you have what it takes? What do you say

A few months ago we were invited to participate in a prestigious Entrepreneur contest.

“We are looking for innovation, talent and passion to improve the world. Do you have what it takes to face the challenge?”

And today the answer is a resounding Yes, yes we do have it and we won it. Today we celebrate being the first in the “Emprendedor XXI Contest” awarded by Caixa Bank, DayOne, and La Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia).

The formula is the vision of the leaders of the organization, the talent and passion that each of us have for what we do and the higher purpose of improving the world with our work, making the planet a sustainable place, being part of the solution to the problem of water pollution, air pollution, land pollution, without that we have no future as a human species.

Today we are the champions and we are celebrating this recognition of a startup with great potential. The great challenge of achievement is to look up and keep climbing and achieving new goals. 
Congratulations to each and every one of us who are part of Fregata Space. One more reason to keep believing and working to make each project a reality.
In Fregata Space, we join satelital images with artificial intelligence algorithms, to show indicators of water quality and the presence of pollutants such as plastics and hydrocarbons, with the power of computation that would allow us in one day to monitor the entire planet.

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