Women lead us at Fregata Space

Brilliant Women minds at Fregata Space

Today February 11th is Celebrated the International Day of Scientific Women, we associate this celebration with recognition and gratitude. In every work team on Fregata Space there are women of great human and professional quality. This is the reason why today we want to express our gratitude to all of them for what they do for this company and highlight the work of two leaders who inspire us. 


The leadership of Fregata Space is in the charge of a woman.

María Fernanda González, a physicist with a PhD in quantum physics, founder and CEO of Fregata Space, with an outstanding capacity for work, convening and leadership, attracting talent in various disciplines with the goal of making this vision of generating shared value a reality.


Innovation and development is led by a scientist at Fregata Space.

For this you have to surround yourself with the best and bright minds, that land the imaginations and dreams in objectives and work plans, so Maria Fernanda, brings to collaborate in Fregata Space to Mary Luz Cañón; Marine biologist with PhD in coastal oceanography as director of R & D + i between the two of them have generated and coordinated the scientific team that has developed the artificial intelligence of Fregata Space.

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