Europe’s most important ports

Do you know how we are able to obtain a large part of the products we consume today? 

Commercial ports are key infrastructures for the development of a territory and trade, they are a gateway to the world for sending and receiving a wide variety of goods, contributing to the development of wealth and commercial activity of the territory. That is why Europe is one of the regions with the highest port density in the world, with some 1,200 commercial ports, some of which are the largest in terms of container traffic.

For all these reasons, we will focus on the analysis of the 5 most important ports belonging to the European region, focusing finally on the main European port, the one belonging to the city of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 


The company Fregata Space makes use of the best technological platform for water quality monitoring, working with Big Data and Machine Learning techniques as well as 4.0 and New Space technologies, in order to contribute to the development of a sustainable world and a blue economy, while improving water quality. Therefore, the study and analysis of the waters belonging to the port of Rotterdam has been carried out, thus obtaining different satellite images:

In this first case Rotterdam is observed with the turbidity script, i.e. the color scale goes from blue (the lowest level of turbidity), passing through green, yellow, orange, red and violet (the highest level of contamination).

Secondly, we see the two harbors in the port of Rotterdam that are currently being studied with the chlorophyll script.

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