Machine Learning has Never Been so Close to the Earth Observation 

Fregata Space uses current Big Data and Machine Learning techniques and technologies that make it possible to transform satellite images into high-resolution information with high predictive value. This incredibly increases the offer of services at lower prices for companies that until now could not access them.

What we offer?

Fregata Space provides a Machine Learning as a Service (SaaS) platform for Earth observation that integrates multiple data sets, including satellite imagery and other data sources. All this in order to offer practical information, make predictions and discover relevant patterns to solve real-world problems.


We provide information on the different points of interest, both on environmental, agricultural or safety issues among others, which facilitates the decision-making of companies by having all the necessary data for monitoring and correct decision-making at their disposal. .

Oceans and Water

Warning systems to detect pollutants, oil and chemical spills, elevated levels of nutrients in the sea, and the spread of invasive plant or fish species.

Agriculture and ground

Crop and soil monitoring to control plant growth health, measure deforestation rate, and assess and predict natural hazards.

Insurances and Finances

Asset surveillance to detect fraud, evaluate and predict future risks, adjust new policies to market needs and understand the behavior of competitors to maximize investments.

Sustaintables cities

Implementation of action plans in the city to increase green areas, minimize energy needs and reduce the cost of its inhabitants.


Our console provides all the necessary information to follow up that your business requires with different applications appropriate to your needs.

API for data connection

Feed your own databases using Fregata API. Connect with other sources of information.

Big data and Machine Learning Models

Use Fregata ML models to understand data from the past, discover patterns, and make predictions.

Specific solutions for your sector

Your sector is very particular. Fregata is ready to add business value.

Multiplatform Service

Complete accessibility allows you to be connected from any device and stay fully informed in any circumstance of the situation of the equipment and the data supplied.

About us

Fregata Space is made up of a highly qualified team passionate about the possibilities that new technologies bring to our quality of life and how they help to improve our environment and increase business possibilities.

María Fernanda González

María Fernanda González

CEO & Founder

PhD. Quantum Physics and MD. in numerical methods. Executive education from IESE Business School. Specialist in the creation of technological solutions for business based on Big Data and Machine Learning techniques, improving the turnover of companies between 7 and 10 times.

Mercurio Ceballos

Mercurio Ceballos

Environmental Management Director

Specialist in Integrated Environmental Management. With experience in multiple projects for the technological modernization of companies and environmental solutions.

Jose Poal Marcet

Jose Poal Marcet


Expert in stock market, personal financial planning and finance. He is CEO of Global Financial Income. Bachelor of Business Sciences from ESADE with specialization in the financial area of ​​Capital Markets.

Joaquin Anton

Joaquin Anton


Extensive experience as general manager, director of operations and human resources in various companies in the Spanish technology sector. Specialized in financial management and human resources.

Valentina Triviño

Valentina Triviño

Fundraiser and Market Research

Biomedical Engineer, Double Degree between the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the Colombian School of Eng. Julio Garavito. Specialized in  fundraising for tech. companies.

Daniel Cely S.

Daniel Cely S.

Data Scientist

Master in Biomedical Engineer, Double Degree between the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the Colombian School of Eng. Julio Garavito.  Specialized in  Machine Learning and Big Data.

Mónica Sánchez

Mónica Sánchez

Interaction NGOs Management

Advertising and marketing professional specializing in development of internal and external communication strategies, management of mass and alternative communication media.


We develop various projects through the implementation and elaboration of our own Machine Learning and Big Data algorithms to provide solutions to various problems in specific sectors.

imagen de las letras tierra rellenas con tierra y agua del mapa paraFregata Space

Monitoring and Collection of plastic on the Coasts

Development of a SaaS platform for real-time monitoring of plastic on the coasts.

Creation of a circular economy to encourage plastic recycling through auctions


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