Ibero-American Summit

The Insurance Alliance organized from September 20 to 24, 2021 the I Ibero-American Summit, which is a unique opportunity to commit to the promotion of the Insurance Alliance (a key player for development, stability, predictability and justice in international society).

The alliance aims to unify efforts to achieve compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the UN in the 2030 Agenda, promoting strategies that turn Insurance into a guarantor of sustainable development, through an innovative model that identifies it as a leader and benchmark of sustainability at the international level.

That is why an Ibero-American Summit is being promoted that brings together economic actors around the common vision of co-creating innovative multi-country projects and developing an insurance culture with real implications in different aspects such as social, economic and philosophical, responding to present challenges but with an eye on the future, contributing to: 

– Integrate Sustainability in our business models.

– Create alliances and platforms between companies in the insurance industry and other stakeholders (public administration, private organizations and citizens) to create impact with priority action in the business and in improving the health and welfare of the community, promoting the reduction of inequalities, encouraging sustainable production and consumption habits, and taking action in the fight against climate change.

In the Insurance Alliance it was composed of the:

  • 17 SDGS
  • 17 Minutes per conference
  • 17 SDG Conferences
  • 5 Vision 2030 Dialogues
  • 5 Thematic Conferences
  • 63 Speakers/Speakers

Among these 63 speakers is the CEO and Founder of Fregata Space, María Fernanda González Gutiérrez, addressing the blue footprint, that is, how the battle against pollution and the deterioration of waters around the planet is going to be won. As Maria Fernanda mentioned:

“The blue footprint aims to control and optimize water use. Barely 1% of the planet’s water is usable for consumption and irrigation. Pollution of seas, rivers and waterways is a vital issue. The key to correcting the actions that cause the deterioration of water quality is to know at all times the status of water around the world. Today, technology makes it possible to measure, by means of satellites and with the use of Artificial Intelligence, the degree of contamination of watercourses and which are their polluting elements with great precision. This information will make it possible to make decisions in real time and even to trace the source of the pollution. At stake is not only the health of the planet, but life itself.”

Doctor in quantum physics María Fernanda González Gutiérrez shared her experience and knowledge in the use of technology in this decisive process to fight for the future of life on Earth.

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