Importance of recycling

The collection and processing of paper and cardboard, glass or plastic waste involves creating new products based on these same materials.  It is a matter of converting waste into new products or raw materials for subsequent use.

A new opportunity for the Earth, which can be protected by avoiding the waste of potentially useful materials, reducing the consumption of new raw materials and the use of energy, preventing air pollution (through incineration) and water pollution (through landfills), as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

It is important to recycle because it is a way to:

  • Save energy: If we recycle we reduce the work of extraction, transportation and processing of new raw materials, reducing the use of energy needed.
  • Fight against climate change: Less energy consumption generates less CO2 and reduces the greenhouse effect.
  • Make less use of raw materials: saving a significant amount of natural resources and conserving our forests, whose work is essential to decontaminate the environment.
  • Manufacture new products from recycled materials.
  • Preserving the environment: Industry pollutes the air less by reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. We protect our soils because the waste goes to the right place and does not accumulate in the waters of our rivers and seas. By using organic waste to compost our gardens or crops, we avoid chemical fertilizers. 

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