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Fregata Monitoring Air Quality Cundinamarca

Goal: Satellite monitoring with Artificial Intelligence to find the correlation between air pollutants and respiratory diseases. Development: Based on information from ground level air quality sensors, in addition to sensors located in various satellite constellations, we work on the correlation of these historical and current measurements, with the reports of cases of respiratory diseases in the communities present in the analyzed area. This will generate sensitive information for the actors involved like industry, authorities, health system and civil society, which will allow them to develop remediation actions and subsequently monitor the evolution of them. Having thus the possibility of evaluate and / or correct the obtained results.

Fregata Monitoring Barcelona

Goal: Satellite monitoring with Artificial Intelligence for contaminant detection on beaches and river mouths in the Mediterranean.
Development: Together with our ally in Spain, Ecomar NGO, we have participated in beach clean-up activities in Barcelona city, through the stakeholder participation, led by Ecomar and monitoring the results with Fregata Space's technology. This allows us to analyze the before, during and after cleanup activities implemented in any area of the world.
We have also created the Adopt a Beach model, in which we certify through the monitoring of the areas where remediation projects are developed by the companies the investments in sustainability for the improvement of the quality of the environment.

Fregata Monitoring Panama

Satellite monitoring of plastic patches at the estuary of Panamanian Pacific rivers.
Development: Fregata Space, uses Machine Learning to transform satellite images into information of high predictive value for the monitoring of plastic patches that reach the ocean through river estuaries. This way we were able to detect relevant patterns using the multispectral instruments of the different satellite constellations. The solution we have designed for monitoring plastic patches does not require physical sensors at the beach level. This makes it possible to monitor any area worldwide. The patchy areas were successfully detected with an accuracy of more than 85%. These activities were developed jointly with the Ministry of Environment of Panama and the NGO Marea Verde.

Fregata Monitoring Dominican Republic

Satellite monitoring with Artificial Intelligence for the detection of marine pollutants.
Development: In a joint work performed between Proactiva and Fregata Space, several activities have been carried out, including the calibration of algorithms for the detection of plastics in water bodies located near La Romana and Catalina Island. Obtaining valuable information for the NGO about the behavior of the waste such as its location, quantity, composition and dispersion factors. This information has allowed the assessment and design of autonomous retention solutions to prevent the discharge of these wastes into the Caribbean Sea.