Saving our oceans using Machine Learning

Advances in Machine Learning and the development of increasingly complex and sophisticated algorithms have contributed significantly to the growth of companies and made people’s lives easier. In ocean care, this system is capable of monitoring pollution levels accurately and quickly, using satellite images provided by the Sentinel and Landsat satellite systems.

Through this technology, a large amount of data generated by the satellites can be used to identify some environmental risk factors such as massive algae blooms, control eutrophication processes, monitor oil spills in the water and even detect plastic in the water body and on beaches, among others. 

Fregata Space is one of these companies focused on offering this type of tool that monitors the level of pollution in the oceans. How does it do this? First, through the use of Big Data and Machine Learning technologies, they analyze the historical data found in a certain sector of the ocean and identify various pollutants in the water, through the use of multispectral images. In this way, it uses technology in order to provide intelligent solutions, offering various protection and early warning mechanisms for the hundreds of tourism businesses and port entities that suffer every year the devastating economic consequences caused by ocean pollution.

Port of Rotterdam seen with the DOC Script.
Port of Valencia seen with the CDOM script.
Cartagena Bay visualized with the CDOM script.

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