What is Fregata Space about the Metaverse?

Most would agree that the future is digital → then any technology company must be in the Metaverse. Fregata Space is the startup that checks water quality from satellite images to show the pollution. Our technology is 100% digital because it starts from TIFF satellite images Input to pollution Data Output.

How can Fregata Space show the pollution of our planet?

Via virtual worlds, our engineers have designed a virtual planet near-like the real one to introduce the pollution discovered by the satellites. From this starting point we are accelerating time to see the pollution of the future and changing the ecosystem’s behavior in order to find sustainable solutions and propose Fregata Space green alternatives.

Fregata Space has 3 metaverse levels connected:

  • 2d Low Resolution → this is our office with a wall of fame, garden, NFT marketplace, private offices, monitoring center, brainstorming area and meeting saloons.

  • 3d Hi Resolution → is a virtual studio over the water to discover in real time the pollution of a port, beach or river.

  • 3d planet  → it is our Fregata Earth, a whole planet that shows the water pollution.

What is the Fregata Space power in the metaverse?

  1. Team Cohesion & Collaboration; individuals that are part of a cohesive team tend to focus more on the entire group rather than themselves Gather

  2. Customers interaction; Now we can invite our customers from around the world to our metaverse and interact with them virtually Repsol

  3. Custom design; it has been designed in the way we are and work, an office like a cloud event driven architecture Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  4. Virtual events; we can make a virtual birthday decoration or connect our virtual bar to Glovo URL.

Futures is now, future is FREGATA SPACE

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